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    I have an 05 wrangler it was 20 degrees this mornin so I started the jeep up and let it run for about 15 minutes had defrost on and fan on came out and found a big old nasty crack.Didn,t notice a crack yesterday like I took a rock off the windsheild, so I think I had too much heat on the wind sheild and cracked .This happen to anyone else!

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    You had to of taken a rock sometime. Mine did the same thing. I took a rock one day, and a few weeks later, my window cracked. Luckily it stayed out of my line of vision.
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    I didnt, see any pit or ping in glass just a crack didn,t know if it was just too much heat and too cold of temp, insurance is covering so aint so bad just a pain in the$#@%!Hope its arock and not a defect in the wind sheild.Thanks for the info Jason

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    So the jeep sat with the defroster on and not moving and the windshield cracked? That sounds crazy. I could see if you poured hot water on it or something, but if the defroster slowly heats the window as the engine warms, I wouldn't expect that.
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    where can u find cheap windshields at mine done he same thing

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    Been there done that... I have an 05 Wrangler X and one cold day (like 3 degrees F) I started it up and put on the defroster. I came back out 10 minutes later to leave for work and there were two cracks starting at the bottom and extending upwards and outwards. They originated right in the center of the defroster grille. By the time I got to work they had grown to the middle of the glass (of course, that's what they do). The glass guy who changed it said it's fairly common to crack a windshield with the defroster. No rocks, no dings, no prior damage. I blame the design. Windshields are not supposed to be glued in place. They need some flexibility. The right way to install a windsield is like on a CJ, with a rubber gasket.
    By the way, the replacement glass I got installed is NOT flat. For some reason it's bubbled out a little at the sides. You can't notice it from the inside unless light reflects on it the right way. It sure looks strange from the outside, though. If you stand at the side of the Jeep and look across the windshield you can see how bad it is. Make sure they use an OEM glass (or at least a flat one!!). Curved glass will destroy the precision aerodynamics that were carefully designed into the Wrangler. Best of luck - John

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    Re: cracked

    Ya I've heard of that happening to other people too. The heater probably got hot before all the ice melted off or something like that. But ya if you do have even a tiny little chip in the glass it sure doesn't help things in the cold weather.

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    You can buy windshields for Wranglers for around $100. Check with a local glass company. The one I checked here would get the windshield and install it for $140.
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    Yeah, glass cracked at about the center of the defroster grille and made a v and extended about 16 inches in each direction.Well new won is installed and insurance picked up the tab, just going to heat it up real slow from know on because all most positive it was due to the cold windsheild and the warm defroster concentrated on a small portion of the windsheild, small thing still love these things!

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