1. question on gears

    I have a 91 wrangler with 2.5L and 5 speed transmission. I was wondering if anyone knows what gears are in the differentials. Thanks

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    Re: question on gears

    im not 100% sure but i believe you have 4.10s.. you can jack up the back of you jeep. make a reference mark on your driveshaft.. rotate the wheels and watch the driveshafts as it turns. a little ovedr 4 would be 4.10s. three and a half would be 3.55s a little over 3 would be 3.07s
    when in doubt put her to the wood!

  3. Re: question on gears

    If it is still there, look on the rear dif, cover. There should be a tag to tell you .

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    Re: question on gears

    Its more an likely 3.07's

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    Re: question on gears

    i thought they onlyused 307s on the i6 motors with a manual transmission? my xj had a 4 liter and 307s with a 5spd. when i put it on 35s i lost 5th and could barely use 4th. then i swicthed out to 4.56s. worked good. but im considering going to 513s now.. im upgrading to 37s
    when in doubt put her to the wood!

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    Re: question on gears

    Quote Originally Posted by buckaroo kid View Post
    Its more an likely 3.07's
    You base this on what?

    They will be 4.10 gears. 2.5L with 5spd is 4.10 and the 2.5L auto is 3.73 gears. 3.07 were only available with the 6cyl jeeps.

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    In my observations the 2.5 came with either the 4:10 or the 3:54 ratios. That 3:07 IIRC was only used in the I6 w/auto trans. But what do I know? It's a Jeep.

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    Re: question on gears

    Standard gears

    3.07's are only avaiable with the 4.0 and the 5 spd. the auto got 3.54.

    Bounty is correct on the the 4 cyl

    Some 4.0 5 spds did get 3.54 gears if they were equip with the light duty tow package.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


  9. Re: question on gears

    Oh excuse my ignerts, I'm a CJ man forgot where I was.
    I have an '84 CJ w/2.5 manual. It had 3:54's. Had an '85 w/2.5 manual it had 3:54's. But then I have an '80 CJ7 w/auto and it's running on OEM 3:07's same as my '82 CJ8 auto, wish neither had the highway gears but it's what came inum. Thats good enough. Maybe I'm just too OLD to post up a reply.

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