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Thread: Camo Jeep Wrap

  1. Camo Jeep Wrap

    Does anyone work with this kind of material - I am looking at doing a full wrap on a CJ

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Copied from the link you provided.

    It's more than that. Camoclad material is much more sophisticated than just your basic "bumper sticker" material. Camoclad is made from ultra-durable, 5 mil thick 3M Vinyl sheets - the best quality material available for this type of application. Each imprinted sheet of Control-Tac vinyl incorporates a weatherproof 2 part adhesive system, so it goes on easy, bonds tight, looks great, and can literally last for a decade or more. All Camoclad products have a proprietary protective coat that ensures the colors will not fade and will hold up to the extreme elements of nature (sunlight, snow, ice, water, dirt, etc….)
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Thanks for the info - does anyone have hands on experience with it?

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    There's a few rancher's around here that has that camo on the lower half of their fullsize pickup trucks. From what i've seen, it holds up well with the brushes but is vulnerable on gouges from the tree branches.
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Are any of those ranchers members of this forum?

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Unfortunately no.
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    ok thanks - I did find this pic of a jeep wrapped in this camo called morningwood - - not a bad pic
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Camo Jeep Wrap-all02.jpg  

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    WOW!! Im thinking maybe i should give this some thought.
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    There is a Jeep in that pic?
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Well, there is defenetly no "square" headlights in that pic!!! I suddenly have this inexplicable urge to camo wrap my YJ!

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    I saw a Scrambler wrap with it. Even on the dash and he had camo seat covers. Don,t know how it holds up but it looked good!

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    I see the Jeep ,but who said anything about girls?
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    If its durable enough for the exterior, I wonder if you could use it as a bedliner?
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  14. Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    I work with this stuff,unless you know what you are doing you are wasting your money.If you would like to take stab at it you are going to need, a hard plastic squeege or spreader. If you can find some rap attack that would be best or some cheap car wash soap. Clean your panel with some degreaser for automotive painting. start on a large flat panel spray with your soapy solution lay down your camo,smooth with your squeege. Try your local sign store for insalling if you don't feel confident about installing it yourself.

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    is there a better company? i am looking for more of a conventional look

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    Here's one that custom cuts the camo for any vehicles. O.S.I. (out spoken images) 830-299-3464, Mobile, 830-370-8158 . E-mail: He will ship anywhere.
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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    funny headlight joke

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    what do you mean by conservative? just regular camo design? you can visit and look at the PATTERNS page.

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    I got my kit in - will try to post pics soon

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    Re: Camo Jeep Wrap

    The pic just proves that chicks dig the cammo!

    I wonder how easy this stuff is to get back off, after the ten years are up?
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