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    Thumbs up Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    Please help me rid my baby of her "incontinence". I just had to replace the spring clamps on my hoses so she would stop leaking antifreeze from every orifice. Now it is leaking out of the "freeze plug" hole which is used for the engine heater which I don't need. The parts store said to just hammer out the engine heater and put the rubber plug in it's place. How is the heater attached? Was it factory (from Canada?) Anything I need to look at when I start hammering away?

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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    If you have no intentions of using the block heater , just punch a hole on the block heater plug and pull it off with a pair of pliers or a small pry bar. One thing that you shouldn't do is to gouge or score the engine freeze plug hole.. Installing a rubber plug in place of an actual freeze plug is no more than just a Bandaid. The best thing to do is install a Brass freeze plug. When installing the freeze plug, make sure it's evenly installed on the hole(not crooked). Before you reach the point of the freeze plug lip being flushed on the block, use a piece of flat steel that will sit on the freeze plug and stop the plug when its flushed on the block..
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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    Thank you for responding. I just found out after just about starting that it's not leaking from there but it's coming out of the slot at the bottom of the clutch plate. Now I have issues!

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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    258 i6?
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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    It's the 4.0 i6.
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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    I would check for a coolant leak much higher up on the top of the cylinder head area and work around the engine.. look for any traces of coolant that may be blowing or being channeled towards the rear of the engine.. If you have a cooling system pressure tester, it would be the best tool to use for this concern.
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    Re: Engine/Antifreeze Heater LEAKING!!!

    After replacing the heater core in my '78 a couple of years back (what a nightmare without a service manual) I noticed there remained a small leak somewheres, turned out the spring clamps on the heater hoses were failing, replaced all with screw clamps.

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