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    Which seats fit?

    I'll be headed to the junk yard, probably next week, to look for some new front seats. I know there's several different ones that will fit, with minimal modification, from vehicle makers other than Jeep. Does anyone have any suggestions on which other makes and models I could look at?
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    Re: Which seats fit?

    Haven't tried this myself, but it looks like it would work.

    http://www.jeepaholics.com/tech/ mustang seats / mustang seats .htm

    Cavalier seats are similar. Either way, the seats may be tilted back too far. You may need to shim up the rear of the riser mounts.

    There are many other seats that will work the way the guy in the link does it, but I'm not exactly sure.

    If you come across a really nice set of seats, I'd grab "em up. You can make anything work with the proper motivation!
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    Re: Which seats fit?

    I saw a YJ with Ford Probe seats. Junk car, really cool seats though. They have sort of a wrap around design like a recaro or sparco. However, I didn't sit in it so I'm not sure how comfortable they are.

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    Re: Which seats fit?

    Hey guys thanks a lot. The Mustang years really open up some options for me. I'll see if i can find the Probe seats too, I've been in one before but I don't remember what the seats felt like.
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    Re: Which seats fit?

    Here's a good writeup that might give you some more ideas. CJ/YJ Seat swaps - JeepForum.com Community Jeep Wiki

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    Re: Which seats fit?

    Alacran...that site is great! Thanks a lot....
    '89 4.2L, NV3550, TFI, All Working Emissions

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