1. Replacing brake pads

    I believe it is time to replace my pads!! I am curious if anyone knows a site that walks you threw this diy and if anyone has an opinion on pads for my 06 wrangler unlimited thanks in advance for any help on this!!!

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    Re: Replacing brake pads

    I replaced my front and rear rotors and pads at aroung 44,000 and now have 65k on the odometer. At the time I used EBC Greenstuff pads up front and Redstuff pads on the rear. While I've been very happy with their performance (i.e. great stopping power, little fade, very little brake dust) EBC now offers their higher performance Yellowstuff pads and Ill go with these next time around.

    We've had a lot of discussion regarding replacement brake components on Wranglers and EBC products seem to hold their own with very few negative reports. They do come with a break-in coating that takes 50-100 miles to wear off and "bedding in" the pads is critical but they come with instructions that explain how to do this. Typically, you will notice much better braking after about 500 miles of use.

    As for step-by-step write-ups...just do a Google or search these forums. Even a genaric walk through will get the job done as (for the most part) brakes is brakes. Make sure you have a few cans of Brake Cleaner, Caliper Grease and anti-sieze lube on hand. Clean, lint-free rags and rubber gloves won't hurt either.


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    Re: Replacing brake pads

    thks man good stuff

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    Re: Replacing brake pads


    1.Raise and support vehicle.2.Remove front wheel and tire assembly.3.Drain small amount of fluid from master cylinder brake reservoir with suction gun.
    4.Bottom caliper piston in bore with C-clamp. Position clamp screw on outboard brake shoe and clamp frame on rear of caliper Fig. 1 . Do not allow clamp screw to bear directly on outboard shoe retainer spring. Use wood or metal spacer between shoe and clamp screw.
    Fig. 1 - Bottoming Caliper Piston With C-Clamp

    Remove caliper mounting bolts Fig. 3 .
    Fig. 3 - Caliper Mounting Bolts

    7.Tilt top of caliper outward with pry tool if necessary Fig. 4 and remove caliper.
    Fig. 4 - Caliper Removal

    1 - TILT CALIPER OUTBOARD TO REMOVE 8.Remove caliper from vehicle.
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    Re: Replacing brake pads

    thks for the input I had a wake up call today when i found out what it would cost me to bring my baby in to a garage to get new brakes wowwwwwwwwww!!! what i want to know now is what rotors and brake pads are the best for the money to replace my currently crappy ones!!?? Have to do this soon because i am runnin right down to the rivots now!!! dont want to make a mistake here i replaced rotors out front with a garage and they did not change the pads my bad for not payin attention, i am now lesson learned!!! any help here would be thankful!!!

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    Re: Replacing brake pads

    You should be fine with the Napa premium pads and rotors. Thats what i use on my CJ. I normally don't replace the rotors unless it's severely warped or is beyond machining due to the min specified thickness.
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