Thread: CJ7 Carb ???

  1. Red face CJ7 Carb ???

    I have a 1986 cj 7 "project"
    Currently there is a carter-weber carb that is no good.
    Can I replace it with a Holley? Are the vacuum hoses the same?
    What kind of work am I looking at here.

    Thank You

  2. Re: CJ7 Carb ???

    No go with a Weber.
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  3. Re: CJ7 Carb ???

    If you should shop for a Weber... please make certain you shop for a Redline Weber. Not the new and unimproved POS "weber" That would be any of the DGEC series. They are trouble. I would recommend the DGEV,DGV or DGAV 32/36. Old school, proven and a real upgrade.

    That so called "weber" DGEC 34/34 will fill the crankcase with fuel. Forums are littered with the issues that unsuspecting buyers are faced with.

    But in a more direct answer to your question, Yes you could mount up the Holley...another very fine carb. I would suggest the 350 cfm although i have mounted the list #4112 two bbl. w/500 cfm but with jet modification, sweet.

    BTW the Carter BBD is a fine carb if keep clean and a kit installed each year. A simple task in itself. Got to keep the idle tubes clean though. If you were to decide to try a kit and a reaming of the idle tubes to .032 then that will make it enjoyable in itself and spend very little money at that.

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