1. What Changed? 2003?

    I have finally bought my second Wrangler. My first one was 1993 but no I just bought a 2003 Wrangler X 4.0 5spd. Now I am looking to modify this wrangler. I am looking around for stuff and 2003 tends to be in a weird place. A lot of parts tend to be for 1997-2002 and 2004-2006. What is different about the 2003? What changed from 2002 and 2003? Also any ideas of what I should do for modifications. Thanks

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    Re: What Changed? 2003?

    I drive an '03 Wrangler Rubicon and have never had any problems spending money on it. Exactly what kind of mods are you looking at?

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    Re: What Changed? 2003?

    In the basic technical perspective of the TJ body since it was introduced till the 2006 models, there wasn't much of a change from the original platform it was built from with the exemptions of the Unlimited body. The soft top header latching configuration and the slow process of upgrading the overall electronic diagnostics and communications, for the most part, it's the same.. Even the Rubicon was built from the same platform but given a more agressive suspension and axles along with the elctronic quick disco's and locking diff's.. Like Phall's question, what exactly are you looking for to upgrade? , ask away and we'll do our best to help you with your fitment questions.
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    Re: What Changed? 2003?

    Well, I use my Wragnler for a daily driver, but luckily I live in Western NY and we get a lot of snow! So the w upgrades I am thinking of doing is cold air intake and a new katback exhaust, just so I get a little bit more HP. Figure it will be about 205. Also would like to go with a lift and then maybe some oversize/aggressive tires. I would love to do some interior upgrades as well. Not sure what is a good idea. Any ideas of what I should buy for the wrangler that fits let me know. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: What Changed? 2003?

    My goal is to make it the ultimate snow machine.

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    Re: What Changed? 2003?

    Although much of the marketing focus has shifted onto the JK, the amount of aftermarket support for 97-06 Wrangler (TJ) is nearly limitless. There were some minor changes under the hood but you shouldn't have any problems at all finding the components you've mentioned. Cold Air Induction kits from K&N, Air Aid, AEM, Banks, Volant, aFe, etc., etc, all have models that will fit. Same thing goes for cat-back systems from companies like Banks, Borla, Dyno-max, Gibson, Magnaflo and others. You may want to peruse this and other forums for threads dealing with how much actual gains to expect from some of these mods. You might be surprised to learn that the dollar to horsepower ratio is pretty slim.

    As for lifts and tires, well I would think that the ultimate snow machine should have some added clearance but also a low center of gravity so you might even consider a modest lift and a high line fender and hood kit which would allow you to stuff some monster meats without needing a ladder to get in and out of your rig. Several compines do highline kits now but one of my favorites is from the guys at GenRight Off Road (JEEP PARTS | JEEP ACCESSORIES | OFFROAD JEEP WRANGLER RUBICON | JEEP LED TAIL LIGHTS | GAS TANKS).

    As for all the other "stuff," just check the web sites of guys like David at Northridge4X4 or Mike at 4X4Rockshop or Jason at 4X4GroupBuy an you will be overwhelmed at just how much gear is available.

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