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    Need Suggestions, Please

    In June of 2008 I sold my 4WD Kawasaki Mule and bought a very clean '06 Wrangler Unlimited 4WD 6 speed with only 10,500 miles on it. It's intended use was for around our small ranch, and a hunting property we own five miles down the highway from here. The Jeep allows me to drive it to where we duck hunt and then around that property instead of having to hook up a car hauler trailer to the F-150 and drive there going through the loading unloading process each time at both ends. In addition, it gave us an extra vehicle for driving to town 9 miles away.

    Although I gave up some desirable features in the UTV (open back end for hauling debris and oversized stuff, tilt bed and fuel efficiency to name a few) the Jeep has been an overall good change for us. I thought I could get by with the stock suspension and tires.

    I need to be able to drive on lawn areas without tearing them up and yet be able to get through sloppy conditions without being stuck. After 15 months of using the Jeep for all of our needs, I've buried it three times. Twice I've been able to get out by lowering tire pressure to around 18 psi and rocking it free. Of course I don't want to drive the highway that way. The last time a month ago I had to go get the tractor to get out. The pastures where we hunt can turn to a "gumbo" after saturating rains for several days.

    I have to stay away from those areas that we need to go through to get to our hunting places, or not hunt them until they dry out sufficiently or ... break down and get a minimum lift job and go to mudders that will serve our needs without being gosh-awful on the lawn and highway.


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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    My solution for the sinking on mud was the larger and wider tires. I've had the same issues out in the ranch when certain areas get's saturated with continuous rainfall. It was so bad that the cedar machine(Barko) sank all 4 wheels and had to be yanked out with another 4wd caterpillar. Now i can just skim on top of the mud for the most part while slinging chunks to keep the sipes clean and maintain traction. A lot of the ranchers around here with a stock suspension would just replace the tires with a mud tire of the same size and works getting around in the mushy muddy pastures. That might be a solution for you with a very little sacrifice on fuel economy since the tire would be the same size but a little heavier due to the agressive threads. One word of advice though. As you go on a muddy pasture, if you notice that your starting to get bogged down and your starting to slip, you will need to goose it a little bit to keep it going, however, the down fall is that you'd be tearing up the ground. As a rule, the more contact surface(wider tire) on the ground, the easier it is to keep on top of the ground rather than digging in it(narrow tires).
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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    1, if your only crossing a field like pictured, lower your tire pressure to at least 12 psi, lower if you feel comfortable
    2. easy on the throttle, doesn't look like your throttling t, but try 4lo and even throttle.
    3. might want to consider a good all terrain tire, I don't think a Mud terrain tire is needed, also, something a little wide, like mentioned, will help.
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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    The local Goodrich dealer had recommended

    30X9.50R15/Cs in their 104QRWL15976 Mud terrains


    31X10.50R15/Cs 109QRWL00606 Mud terrains

    He said that he could install the 31s without my having to buy new rims. Sound right? Looks like that is at the extreme edge of the rim width.

    Both tires are also available in the off-road, non-mudder version.

    BFGoodrich Tires | Mud-Terrain T/A® KM2 | Tire Sizes & Specs

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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    I'd go with the 31X10.50's and it looks like it's got a decent side biters as well.
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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    the 31's will fit with out any other mods needed. If you can find them, BFG also/used to make a 33x10.5r15 or 33x9.5r15MT these will also fit with no mods.
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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    Looks like it's a toss-up between the Goodrich 31X10.50R15/Cs 109QRWL00606 Mud terrains and Goodyear Wrangler Dura Tracs in the same size. ( Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire 31/1050-15 in Automotive - BizRate. Compare Prices and Read Consumer Reviews )

    My only concern is that some of you, and both Goodrich and Goodyear dealers have told me that I CAN use the factory wheels that have 30X9.50 Goodyear Wranglers mounted on them now.

    However, the Chrysler factory tech I spoke with today said I should absolutely not use the stock wheels with 31-10.50s, and not to mount the larger tire unless I installed a 2" lift kit as they would rub on the fender flares with any typical off roading. That's the same answer I got from Chris at 4 Wheel Customs, Inc. (Both of them would like to see me buy new wheels I spose).

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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    Besides the 31s I would think about a set of Lock-Right lockers if theres that much slosh 31s should clear fine your rims aren't the best , you canfind a nice set of used ones on Craig's list 31x10.5x15 will fit a 15x8 inch rim , they'll fit the stock rim but it has a lower lip around the rim and the bead of the tire could pop out if not seated correctly , Not safe at hwy speeds
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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    I've run LT295/75 r16 on stock 7 wheels. The 295 are a little over 11.5 inches. never had a problem.

    The factory doesn't recommend lift kits either, nor exhaust systems.

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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    31 x 10.5" will fit with no problems.You may get a small amount of rubbing at wheel lock.Also pick up a small air compressor that connects to the battery so you can air down and go then air up for the travel home.You can also go with tracks!

    Jeep Wagner-Trac Tank Tracks for an 81 inch Wheelbase Jeep CJ-5

  11. Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    I would run 31x12.5-15 BFG M/Ts (even better would be a set of super swamper ssr) on 15x10 rims to provide plenty of floatation (surface area) without airing down. Modify your bumpstops to ensure no unintentional damage from rubbing. Next step would be locking up the rear then front end. Why run a narrower tire then air down when you can run a wider tire on a wider wheel with more surface at pressure? That setup works good at highway speeds even with the 4 banger.

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    Re: Need Suggestions, Please

    Quote Originally Posted by wrangler76 View Post
    Why run a narrower tire then air down when you can run a wider tire on a wider wheel with more surface at pressure? That setup works good at highway speeds even with the 4 banger.
    Main reason is I put on less than 2,500 miles/year on that Jeep, 75% of which is on our property running through pastures and over 7-1/2 acres of lawn to feed critters. I'd rather change tires and keep my cost to an absolute minimum but be able to put the factory tires back on for longer road trips.

    There haven't been more than 3-4 times over the past 6 seasons when the pastures got as sloppy as shown in my pic above. However, there are areas I have to stay away from after a few days of heavy rain.

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