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    I have a 99 wrangler with a stock clutch fan. I was wondering if its possible to change this to a standard fan that goes when the engine does. I dont like the idea of the clutch fan and its ability to fail... I also want to lower the temps on this rig cause i live in a much hotter climate than what would be "average" plus im not so nice to my car... Is this possible and if it is what fan will fit this and were can i get it ?

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    Anyone? all 16 of you looked? no input? weird.

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    The fan clutch is not problematic, and removing it likely won't lower your operating temps.

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    I tried removing the fan clutch on an old V8 Plymouth Duster I had.

    It actually hurt my 60 foot times at Atco raceway in N.J.

    I lost about 3/10ths of a second in the 1/4 mile E.T. on a mid 15 second car.

    Gas mileage suffered as well.

    If I ever buy a vehicle without one, I will install it myself.
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    X2 on Bounty_Hunter and Buckshot500, it won't lower the temp and it will rob your fuel economy. I use to have it on my Jeep and the only thing it was good for was at idle situations but not efficient by any means in cooling the radiator off when i idle most of the time in the ranch. I switched to an electric fan with an aluminum 4 core radiator and that helped a lot keeping the temperature at bay.
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    Re: Clutch fan

    If you want to change the fan, why not make the switch to an eFan with a controller (such as the Delta Current Control one)? A ford used fan is under $30 at the U-Pick around here...

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    im changing mine to a efan as the bolt on didnt make a good boat prop. the water was deeper than it looked but im sure i would have made the other side had it not of been for the fan robbing me of the few horses my poor old 4 banger had to start with...

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