1. Are these fender pieces removable?

    In the market for my first jeep. The one in the picture is likely to be the one.

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    I do have small question though... The black pieces between the headlights and fender: are those removable? It'd be nice to see the white under those.


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    Re: Are these fender pieces removable?

    Most likely.look like the rubber protectors.I know on my jeep it is all steel fender and all the same color.
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    Re: Are these fender pieces removable?

    Here is your pic.

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    Re: Are these fender pieces removable?

    Thanks XT.

    Yeah I think they must be removable. It looks like it bolts in through the light lens and also doesn't follow the edges of the piece behind it.

    EDIT: ahh, okay, this explains it: gemini-sales.com/EXTENDED_FENDER_FLARES-Bushwacker_Hood_FenderGuards_Jeep_TJ_97_06.html

    Thanks again

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    Re: Are these fender pieces removable?

    yeah,they look like after market stone guards. and the bug deflecter too.

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