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    T-case output shaft seal

    I noticed the transfer case was leaking slightly at the output shaft. Took it to a bud of mine who owns a transmission shop and is better equipped to fix it than me. I happened by a NAPA store so I grabbed a seal and two rear u-joints.
    Now then, we find out that to get to the seal you need to destroy the dust/water cover that is over it. He rigs up a puller to get it off. Okay, fine, get another one at the dealer. Then the NAPA seal leaks, worse than it was before. I'll note that I've never had problems with NAPA stuff before. Pull it back out, don't see anything wrong, but he suggests getting an OE seal at the dealer. Install the OE seal, which goes in a lot smoother than the other one. Also he wrapped some electrical tape around the snap ring on the output shaft before sliding the seal over it to keep it from bunging up the seal, which he was afraid happened with the other one, although we couldn't see anything wrong with it. Get the seal in and remove the electrical tape.
    So far so good.
    Just a heads-up.
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    Re: T-case output shaft seal

    That metal dust cover can be a booger to remove, I usually just leave it off if it's tore up too bad.

    Most auto parts store list the incorrect seal for a TJ, listing the YJ seal for the TJ. Best to take the old one in for comparison or pull the numbers off the old seal.

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    Re: T-case output shaft seal

    We used to leave off the outer dust shield on the old MOPARs all the time. They were too hard to get and too hard to install without damaging them. -John

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    Re: T-case output shaft seal

    My 2010 Rubicon had less than 800 miles on it when the T-case output shaft seal failed. The dealer said they had never seen this problem before. The dealer replaced the seal, but to say i was a tad bit upset is an understatement. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come with my new Jeep. OBTW the transmissin had to be replaced at 50k miles in my 05 Grand Cherokee. I am lucky that both repairs were covered under warranty.

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