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    Camshaft Problems

    I heard from a friend that certian model 4 cylinder jeep wranglers are known for having camshaft problems. Has anyone experianced these problems themselves or know of any that has? Any general motor problems that I should know of before purchasing. I plan on purchasing a 97' model 4 cylinder Wrangler.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    I have 4 little mice running in my 97 TJ It has done realy good for me the last 7 years no problems and im not easy on it... go for it..

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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    I've never heard of any issues nor seen anything concerning camshafts on the 4 cyl. for the TJ's.
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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    The only issues I have heard about camshaflts on the 4 banger is how difficult it is to find a performance one... I used the stock one until about a year ago, and I switched (merely for performance issues; it never failed on me!) to a Mopar Performance cam (much more aggresive; no issues on that one either).

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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    I've never heard of the 2.5L having widespread camshaft problems. I only know that it's hard to find performance camshafts for it, like jfrabat said. I think all you can get for the 2.5L are regrinds.

    Just curious, who did you hear that from?
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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    cool. thanks guys

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    Re: Camshaft Problems

    I've heard of clutch problems and trans problems, but not cam shafts
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