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    Error Code Help!

    Ok I have a 2004 Wrangler Unlimited and i'm having some engine troubles. I live in Fairbanks and of course it gets pretty cold here. I keep my jeep in a heated garage at night and pluged in during the day while i'm at work. Yesterday it was pretty cold, around -30 during the day, and when I left work my check engine light started flashing and the engine was running real rough. I figured it might just have been from the cold because alot of cars run funny when it gets real cold here. So I drove it home and figured it would be good this morning after it warmed up all night. Well this morning the check engine light is still flashing and the engine is still running rough. I checked the error codes and i'm getting P300 (multi cyl misfire), P302 (#2 cyl misfire), P304 (#4 cyl misfire), and P306 (#6 cyl misfire). Any ideas on what would cause this?

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    Re: Error Code Help!

    You are not supposed to drive a vehicle AT ALL if the check engine light is flashing, permanent damage could result.

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    Re: Error Code Help!

    Yup, a catastrophic failure is possible when the SES lamp continuosly flashes.
    The misfire condition may be caused by one or more engine exhaust valves that are
    slow to close. Late closure of an exhaust valve may be the result of no valve rotation
    and associated build up of carbon on the exhaust valve stem.
    If the frequency of misfire is
    high the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) may place the engine in “Limp-In” mode.
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    Re: Error Code Help!

    Ok good call. I'm waiting on a tow truck now. Thanks for the advice!

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