1. 2003 Saharah Jumps out of 4WL

    2003 Automatic Saharah (daughter's vehicle) jumps out of 4WL many times before it will finally stay put. It has a 2.5" body lift. Someone told me there was an extension or adapter that I needed to install. Anyone have specific info on this?


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    Re: 2003 Saharah Jumps out of 4WL

    Look here this may give you a idea on what to look for.



    Check the transfer case shifter to see if it will move to
    4L. If
    not, the linkage will need adjusting. Place the shifter in
    loosen adjustment bolt and push the linkage forward until it
    stops. Now re-tighten adjustment bolt.
    See Photo 1. Check to
    be sure 4WD works properly.

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    Re: 2003 Saharah Jumps out of 4WL

    Team Twisted,
    Thanks very much. I'm going to do this adjustment this weekend. I really appreciate the reply.


  4. Re: 2003 Saharah Jumps out of 4WL

    Yes, I also installed a 2.5 inch lift in my 2004 Wrangler and had problems with my 4wd. the adjustment only takes 5 seconds to do and everything will be good to go!
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