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    Sometimes learning to use this laptop is a very trying experience. But let me see if I can get this photo operation to work. I bought this 91 yj 4cyl,33" tires,3" lift, for 500 dollars. Figured the tires was worth that, got it home and found out it was the timeing chain that went on it.Put a new chain in it and started it up. after all is said and done Ive got a total of 2500 dollars invested in it.Its got 125000 miles on it.wonder how much I could get for it if I went to sell it.
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    Looks like you did well with that Jeep. I did a quick ebay search and it looks like they are selling for $2500 - $4000 or so. You could probably make double that if you felt like parting it out.

    Jeep : Wrangler : eBay Motors (item 160418997654 end time Apr-06-10 18:41:41 PDT)

    Jeep : Wrangler : eBay Motors (item 190383787035 end time Apr-15-10 13:56:31 PDT)

    Jeep : Wrangler : eBay Motors (item 130380505983 end time Apr-11-10 06:19:08 PDT)
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    With no more info other than what you stated, around here, I would expect to sell it for $2500 give or take. Jeeps are dime a dozen, and the economy being what it is, you'll just not get what you have invested.

    On another note.. I like the stance, I like the trimmed fenders, and it might be the picture but those are some scary long shackles.
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