1. What did I miss??

    I changed the rear mail seal on my 86 CJ7 258. I followed the instructions to the "T". Lots of sealer in the corners. I just took it for a test drive... UGH oil escaping from the rear of the engine under the bell housing... I bought another pan gasket and rear mail seal. What's the trick?

    Can anyone offer some advice or point me to an article or thread on how to make this one a permanent fix?


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    Re: What did I miss??

    I had an old ford that you could not keep rear main seals in because it had so much blow-by. Take off your oil cap in the valve cover (with the engine running) and see how much pressure is coming out of it.

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    Re: What did I miss?? Rear Main Seal

    I checked for blow by by pulling the oil fill cap while the jeep was running - not much pressure so I can rule that out. With the amount of oil leaking, I must have missed something big. I either put the top seal in backwards (unlikely since I checked it multiple times). Or I just didn't use enough sealer. I used Black Silicone RTV sealer. Should I try something else for round 2?

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