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    Rattle help

    I know this is not a real technical ? If you are like me a unwanted rattle, vibration, or any other annoying road noise will drive you crazy while going down the road. Here is the problem. The rear hatch on my hardtop rattles like it is not shuting tight, but I don't seem to have any water leaks. Anybody know of a way I can tighten it or anything else that might work. Thanks!

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    Re: Rattle help

    The most common cause for the rattle is due to a worn lower glass to tail gate seal. Also, some minor tweaking on the body side brackets located on both sides of the lower glass can help eliminate that.
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    Re: Rattle help

    Have someone else drive while you sit in the rear seat and press on different things. Hopefully you'll be able to isolate it.
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    If it moves and isnt supposed to,use the duct tape.
    If it dosent move,and its supposed to,use the wd 40.

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    Re: Rattle help

    What about some of that one sided sticky foam?????? It worked on my rattely irritating Tuffy console!
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    Its a Jeep......I always thought they came factory with rattles
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    Re: Rattle help

    Thanks for the advice everybody. I know I will have some rattles but I will try my best to stop all of them possible.

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    Re: Rattle help

    I thought 'Betty' had a rattle...........then I found out it was what's left of my brains
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