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    5.9 swap?

    Id like to swap a 5.9 litre into my 89 YJ. i know i need to weld in the new mounts, and get some adapters. what my question is, if i take it out of a cherokee (motor, trans, transfer case, and axels. how well will the trans and transfercase line up under the jeep? and does anyone know if i will have to move the trans hump opening back?

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    Most Grand's have the fulltime 4wd which is very problematic, I'd avoid them. It's possible to locate the transfer case in the stock position to keep the stock driveshafts and in turn dictate where the engine is located.

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    which ones have full time 4wd? i havent seen many that do. granted im looking for an older one, like mid-early 90's

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    Novak adapt has some information for you about the swaps.

    The Mopar Small Block V8 Engine - Novak Conversions

    If you have the AX15 transmission and the NP231 transmission from the Cherrokee I think you will be ok. As for the axles, the D35 will not hold up the power, just pull a Ford 8.8 from an Explorer. You will get a stronger axle and disk breaks in the rear. Just make sure it is from one of the boxy types, (they have the leafs in the rear). It should be nearly a direct swap in.

    Keep us posted on your swap and remember we want PICTURES!


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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    most def on the pics man. but i wante to take the dana 44 front and rear from the cherokee, i know the 35 i have wont hold up lol!! so an early explorer you say?? intersting well ill look for that if i cant find my cherokee i want. thanks man!

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    A Grand will have a d35 or d44a rear and a d30 front. The rear d44a has an aluminum center section and isn't worth swapping into anything.

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    ok. well there went that idea. i guess i got some bad info from a friend lol. thanks bounty hunter. what do you think would be an economical budget friendly engine and drive line swap? you def seem to know what your talking about!

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    I just read in a Jeep mag this morning that every Grand v8 came with a full-time transfer case.

    I'm going to do a GM 4.3L v6 swap from a Blazer, Jimmy, or Bravada as they can be found with the 231c transfer case and the drop is on the correct side for the Wrangler front axle.

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    well i was thinking about finding a ram with a 360 and an NV4500 trany. keeping the np231 transfer case i have and then going with an early explorer rear axle. but im still having trouble on a front axle choice... any suggestions on anything i just said?

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    Re: 5.9 swap?

    I was going to ask which 5.9 (Dodge, AMC/Jeep or Cummins) as they are all not created the same!
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