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    Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    The general thought seems to be I can not fit 33x12.5x15 under a stock 81CJ7 auto w/258. With that being said, I was thinking of putting a new set of leaf springs to achieve a 1 1/2" - 2" lift for clearance. First off, does this sound reasonable?

    2) Is there any other suspention parts I need to upgrade/replace (i.e. pitman arm, brake lines, shocks, ect..)

    3)Will my stock gears hold up with 33's (not sure what i have because i have no idea what to look for) I know its stock.

    It would probably be easier to just put 32's on there but I am a glutten for punishment, besides, 33's look damn good on an old cj.

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    I'm not sure about CJ's, but I have 4" of lift, and my 33's still rub a bit on the rear at max flex on my YJ. I doubt 2" of lift will clear 33's if you are planning on wheeling. i would go for 4" if I were you. And with 4 inches, you do need a dropped pitman arm, and most likely a SYE kit, as well as adjusting your rear diff angle to work with the CV shaft (you can get around the brake lines, at least on a YJ, by rerouting them for the front; the rear ones you WILL need to replace).

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    Why not buy lift springs if you're planning on buying replacement springs? I'm not too familiar with CJ's, but I think you're going to need at least a 2.5" spring kit, if not a complete 4" kit.

    Why are you not considering the lift kits?

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    the suspension on CJ's, just be the fact that the shackle hangers are under the frame and not through it, you can easily fit a 33" tire with a ~2" lift.

    as for gearing, you probably have a 3.31: gear set. I make this assumption that you have a 258 and I assume a 4 or 5 speed. you'll be fine. the radius on a 31-33" tire is only 1" and is not that huge of a jump. most 32" tires are wider than a 31" tire but will measure closer to 31" diameter so there is not really a height increase.

    for a 2" lift you will need new springs, new bushings for the springs, and new shocks. you do notneed all this hoaky crap they try to sell you. With a 2" lift, stock pitman arm will be fine, brake lines should be fine, you are driving a 26 year old vehicle (at a minimum) if they appear to not have been service in the past 26 years, I'd replace them, $30 insurance that they last another 26 years.
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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    jps4jeep, thats kinda what I thought. It is a 258 automatic (3 speed I believe) Does that make a difference? When I bought this, my intention was to get it back to stock as much as possible. That idea flew out the window a while ago. I have not been able to put larger tires or a lift due to the fact that I only have 1/2 inch of clearance now to get it in my garage. I am moving next month to a house with a taller garage. (dont tell my wife, but thats why I picked that house. Kinda sick if you think about it. I guess that's why its a JEEP thing.) As far as the other responses, I do not off-road with this. It has to many old rickity parts. Just drive her around town. If you think of anything else I may need to do, by all means let me know. I am not a mechanic, but can find my way around a shop if need be. Thanks again, Bry

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    Got another question,

    What is the difference between an "add a spring" set of springs vs. a skyjacker 2.5 lift kit? The obvious is the price. "Add a spring" is 59.99 per set (120.00 for both front and back) Skyjacker 2.5 (just the springs) is 522.99. What am I not seeing here? Why the huge difference in price? (besides paying for the name) Bry

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    If I am not mistaken, the add a leaf is exactly that, you will be adding a single leaf to your existing springs to accomplish the lift. The full set is a complete new pack of springs.

    You should really consider wheeling the CJ, I run a 82 CJ7 with 126000 miles on basically stock running gear(stock transmission, transfer case, motor has been upgraded tho). I have the 4"spring lift with a 1" BL, and 2" " shackles. The only change to the running gear is my front and rears are 4.10 ratios.

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    If all your looking to do is add bigger tires no trail rides ect just go 2 1/4 shackles should be perfect to add 32 or 33 s and wont break the bank '
    you may need to change out shocks if their not long enough

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    With the add a sping pack you disassemble your worn out spring pack and add a spring they give you. With a new leaf pack, you get exactly that, a new set of springs that will ride better and last much longer.

    I ran 33s on my old CJ7 with a 2.5 inch Pro Comp sping set and a 1 inch body lift.

    I say go with a new spring pack. It will cost more, but will last much longer.

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    Re: Need lift advice - PLEASE!!

    with an auto, your gearing will probably be a little (numerically) higher.

    Add a leafs are great for the cost, but the ride will be a lot harsher than stock. If you want a spring kit that will give you amazing ride quality (by jeep cj standard) as well as great off road performance, Ol' man Emu sells a 2" or 2.5" kit that converts your front springs to a 2.5" wide YJ front spring. we put this kit into a short wheel base CJ5 and it road thousand times better than stock. I would definately suggest using the OME shocks as well.
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