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    '95 YJ keys

    So, more bad luck... I lost my key's somewhere on site today.
    I'm going to got o the dealer ship tomorrow and and hope they key they give me works. But I'm not holding my breath, judging by the luck I've been having lately.
    One thing though, my ignition key and door key were two separate key's. The ignition was a one sided key, as the doors were double sided key's.
    I was wondering if that's how they came from factory?
    Or, I got a bad feeling someone replaced the ignition at some point.
    Apart from taking the ignition apart and getting a new one, anyone have any tips on getting the steering colum unlocks so I can at least drive it?
    I can start it, just not steer the damn thing.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: '95 YJ keys

    The column should require a double-sided key the same as the doors, sounds like somebody changed it over the years. Ask the dealer if you can get a tumbler for the column that fits the door key.

    Turning the steering wheel will require removing the steering wheel and the lock plate beneath it. The lock plate requires being compressed using a special tool to remove, most auto parts stores should have the tool for rent in the steering wheel puller kit.

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    Re: '95 YJ keys

    Well, that's kind of what i figured. While I'm at the dealer, I ma as well get a new ignition. Thanks for the heads up.

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