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    My engine has had this progressively worsening tick, sounds like its coming from the front of the block on the passengers side. Lately it sounds like a diesel sherman tank! I dont know too much about hydraulic lifters, but if one (or more) went, would it sound this way? I've also heard of timing chains being stretched and slapping against the cover. The tick does not get louder with engine rpm, like it would with a bad lower bearing. it kinda gets drowned out by engine noise. its really getting annoying and I need to fix it, but I dont want to just grab at straws! BTW... my little 2.5 has 113k.

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    well, the timing chain wouldn't slap against the valve cover... maybe the timing chain cover, but it doesn't even come into the valve cover region...[addsig]

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    Do you have an engine stethoscope? If not take a real long screwdriver and put it on the engine and put your ear to the handle. I'm totally serious. This will help you pin point the exact location of the knocking. JUST BE CAREFUL and watch out for the belts and fan.[addsig]

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    JP ......I just picked up an 89 YJ 6 banger 99,000 on it
    while I was test driving it for 2 days heheheh i heard the same kinda tapping noise so i took it to a mechanic freind of mine he is into jeeps pretty heavy he's got an 87 YJ with a 350 backed by a 700R4 I hate him..LOL ....But anyway he seems to feel as though its timing chain slap hell 99k on her he says its to be expected and its not a reall ball buster of a job to fix[addsig]

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    I'm pretty sure that its my timing chain... anyone know of any access covers to check it on my engine?

    Big: yes I tried the long screwdriver thing, and it was just as loud all over the front of the engine. thanks.

    allabs: thanks for the input... I've heard of chain slap on other engines but hadn't heard of it happening on jeeps.

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