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    Can someone/anyone explain why I see so few 1986 CJ7 in the forums? I realize that it was the last year jeep made the CJ7, but why do so few people own one. It sees they own the years all around it. Was 1986 a bad year? Thank you For answering a silly question.

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    Welcome to the Z.

    By 1986 the CJ was loosing favor in part due to the bad publicity Ralph Nadir and his henchmen heaped on the CJ5 a few years earlier, hence the reason for the 1987 Wrangler. Jeep changed the look, lowered and softened the ride, plus a few other goodies, and gave us square headlights. I don’t have the production number up at the moment but sales were dwindling. The 1986 is a desirable CJ, might have a Dana 44 rear right out of the box, and wide track too.

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    Welcome to Jeepz. X2 with Kriss. I see quite a few of the 86 models run through here in my neck of the woods. Some are kept in a ranch and some driven on the roads daily. I've noticed though, geographically speaking that some areas varies the amount of jeeps on the road.
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