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    Well, ive decided to do the cold air intake on my 2000 wrangler. 4.0 6 cylinder. Now im looking at all these different brands and they all seem to be 260-280. Anyone have any recommendations what to go with or what to stay away from, or features to look for. Dont think i want to get a snorkel, but ive been looking at the k/n model, the airaid, i was reading about a banks, and finally a volant. I still have the giftcard to so thats were id like to get it from.

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    you have a 2k model and the intake is still not a factory cold air intake? wow, thats terrible of dodge to do. is pretty much up to you but i would check which one will keep water from being sucked in if you go in a really deep puddle or crossing, i geuss
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    My first mod was a CAI. What I learned (like others reported) the PCM relearns the air temp and flow within app 500 miles. So any gains are lost. To get improvements that stuck I ended up spending 2K. Intake, 62mm bored TB, headders, CAT back and an electric fan.

    If you are set on doing this look for a few threads on do it yourself CAI. There is one that goes thru the the firewall to teh under the cowl.
    Here is one:Piecemeal Enclosed Cold Air Intake - 1

    Another tip is to move the air temp sensor from near teh air filter to the intake. This gives the PCM a true indication of temp ending up with a smoother running engine. From What I read.
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    FWIW, on my TJ I decided to go with the Rock-It intake, which is admittedly not really a "cold air" intake. However, it has a great price point (the model for up to '02 TJ's can be had with filter for like $119) and in JP magazine's dyno test it performed quite well against "cold air" intakes that cost more than twice as much. I have no complaints so far, fit and finish has been great (cost me a bit more though since I have an '06 and the '03-'06 requires an extra bung for the oxygen sensor and for some reason they don't sell it as a bundle with the filter, so you have to buy the tube for $114 and a filter for $45 or so).

    The filter sits high so unless you're doing a water crossing that would require a snorkel you should be ok, but the filter could be a little exposed (and as mentioned it has no shield or anything so you're just drawing warm air from around the engine). Just maybe another option for you to consider.

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    Re: Cold Air Intake

    Well, don't try any deep water fording without a snorkel for your tailpipe. Had these on our M151's when I was in the service

    The puzzling thing is the tops of these snorkels were about 12 inches over the driver's head.
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    Banks doesn't have a cold air intake there's is ram air, little different from cold air and I bought an AEM brute force air intake I think its great! But another good one to look at is air raid, they make a really nice intake I would bother getting k&n because it's way to common, the reason I chose AEM's intake is because they have a dryflow filter which requires no oil, and it's supposed to do a better job at keeping dirt out then the others that do require oil, and it's alot easier to clean. Check out jp mags tech section on there website and look for cold air intake shooting I believe they're test vehicle is there exact year as well, so it will give you a good idea of how well certain ones perform, also a guy I wheel with runs the AEM as well, I was going to get the air raid but changed my mind due to AEM's dryflow filter and how easy it was to clean.

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