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    I have quite a bit of lift on my 91 YJ but here is the problem. Driving around town I sometime hit a bump and must get it just right and the whole jeep get the SHAKES. Like BAD! left to right in the front... like 3 inches both ways it feels. I thought my wheel fell off the first time it happened. If I slow down to like 20mph it stops and I go on my marry way.

    Any ideas? I was thinking getting a longer trac bar. I have like a 6 inch extened bracket on it right now and the stock track bar. the sway bar is attached.

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    Do you have any steering stabilizers in there? Mabye thats the problem.[addsig]

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    Well, let's see... from your list of lift mods, you've got over 10 inches of lift!! The SOA gives about 4 or 5 inches, the springs give another 3-4, the body lift gives 3, and are the shackles longer?!
    :-O :-O
    I mean geez! Do you have the SYE kit and CV driveshaft? Had your tires balanced lately? And, yes, tell us about the steering stabilizer and tire size? With that much lift you are running 35's, probably. You might need a double steering stabilizer setup. Check your motor and transmission mounts. Everything snug? Check your u-bolts for tightness as well. Let us know.
    :-? [addsig]
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    Dude your top heavy! :-P Sounds to me like you are just so far up there and when you hit some thing to set teh weight in just the right motion there is just not enough stable support to keep the weight of the Jeep from as you put wobblen a round. Just my 2 cents tug But I bet that it sure soes look good[addsig]

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    check your ball joints and tie rod , steering stabalizer . sounds like you have a weak front end . my 89 yj did the same . the day after i bought it i replaced all the afore mentioned and it hasent happened since.odax......... :-? [addsig]

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    Some good points made. Also, the front track bar must be parallel to the drag link, or you will get bumpsteer (hitting a speedbump with both tires would cause the steering wheel to turn to the side as the front axle compresses).

    Sounds like a bad Jeep, got any pics :-D [addsig]

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    Dont have the steering stabalizer on there right now. Trying to put the bracket on. I have a custom built draglink and its difficult to make things work. I will check the u-bolts and I think what you said tug about just bein top heavy is my only answer. I got only one pic let me try to get it up...[addsig]

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    You can't post from your harddrive, the pic has to be stored on the web somewhere.[addsig]

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    Thanks for the pic, I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. Why so High? :-O That's one nasty lookin draglink. I think you went the right direction with the SOA, but I'd lose the lift springs. Just my opinion, but if it works for you, then hey :-D

    Is that your RTI ramp off to the the driver's side of the Jeep [addsig]

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    You got a ladder to get into that thing?[addsig]

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    That pic was before I built a custom draglink. Much better now.[addsig]

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