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    I have a 99 Wrangler, 4 Liter, Automatic. All fluids are full, and the trouble appeared out of nowhere. Last night on the way home I backed out of a friends drive way, and upon putting it into drive there was a vibrating noice from the rear end. Today both too and from work it was doing it. During lunch I took it to the dealership and they found nothing....I could not make the trouble reappear. I have shown this to a friend so I know it's not in my head. It does it right around the second - third gear area. The best way for me to describe it is a BINDING, it sounds almost exactly like when I cut my wheels hard left or hard right and the front wheels rub on the inside. At times it goes completely, meaning that I can pull over to the side of the road, and than really get on it, and it goes smooth. It seems to repeat regurarly if I pull over, put it into park, shut it off, start it up, and take off, sometimes going into second gear, and sometimes going out. Please help!.... It seems to me that if it were my transmission, I'd have heard it go, or it would be there more often, while this is intermittant. I should also not that I havent been off road or done any towing in ages. Oh one last thing, this morning I had a few seconds where it was in reverse and not engaged....I had to toggle the gear shift to get it in. CAN ANYONE MAKE SENSE OF THIS???



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    It has 40k miles on it.

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    Sounds to me as if this problem of yours is a bunch of bull shit.
    Jeeps have never been known to harbor transmission problems, and furthermore maybe you
    should try taking the sweet little jeeper out and let the little mother breathe. You probably
    decided to ditch the poor thing for something a little better on gas, like a honda civic or a volksfagen. Next time you purchase something maybe you should think towards the future and not
    just for the fun of it. Because the fun dont last forever. People like you make me ill, especially when they lie to their wives and tell them untruths to get what they want so they dont make an ass out of themselves because they are afraid to tell them it was a mistake to buy a JEEP.


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    I agree with stan. that was my 2 cents


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    That's totally uncalled for. I can't understand how you turn a transmission problem into a personal assult.

    That type of stuff isn't acceptable here.


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    Thanks for all your help....I would have never gotten this thing fixed without you. You have been a wealth of knowledge.

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    What the hell's their problem! Everything that guy typed sure as hell didn't deserve that kind of reply! The guy's jeep has a problem! You attacking him doesn't help!! Jeezeeeeee
    Not all of us that post here will resopnd like they did. Maybe they have those broke down "volksfagen" vehicles and are jelous of your jeep? who know.....
    I'm sorry I don't have any ideas to offer you. I don't have an auto in my CJ. If your problem hasn't been resolved, You might try a transmission shop instead of a dealer.

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    Thanks, man. Turns out the Transmission, Tourque Converter, and a list of other things are shot, but Chrysler has agreed to eat the majority of the cost. I'm out a grand but get a brand new Transmission, with a 3 yr warranty.

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    SWEET !!!

    Now with your new box, you need to take steps to insure the same does not happen again.

    Auto trans die due to :

    You need to go to your favorite auto parts house and get a auto tranz temp gauge.
    Install it on the OUTBOUND cooling line. That is, the oil cooling line where the tranz oil is LEAVING the tranz on its way to the oil cooler in the radiator.
    So your gauge will ALWAYS read the HIGHEST temp your tranz oil will be.

    Never let the tranz oil see 300F. GM says 250F is time to pull it over. Maybe so.

    At 300F the ATF oxidizes I have been told and no longer lubes or cools the tranz as it should.
    If the ATF has seen 300F and is allowed to stay in service, it will eventually lead to early tranz failure.

    So, God forbid, your new box should see 300F, as soon as you can, dump it out and replace with fresh ATF.

    Replce tranz oil & filter every 20K miles.
    More often if Jeep is operated in hot & dusty enviroment (offroad)
    Filter should be about $20,oil about the same.
    Your new tranz cost alot more than $40 huh ?

    ~ Happy Trails...

    Mack Sills
    Hayward, Ca
    \'77 CJ7
    \'03 TJ
    \'03 F350

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    I will absolutely make that happen...thank you.

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