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    How does everyone feel about the Wrangler MT/R tires that come standard on the Rubicon? Good tires?[addsig]

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    why, do you have any you're giving out? [addsig]

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    No, I was looking at upgrading my current stock 30'' Wrangler Sport (15 x tires. I was wondering how the MT/R's perform, look, feel, etc.


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    They are great in the rocks, what they were primarily designed for. They aren't so great in the mud here in the Midwest, I think they borderline suck, in the mud :-O They pack up easily and don't self-clean very well. I think they are too soft a tread compound to be run on the street every day, as it's this same soft compund that makes them great in the rocks. I saw one set of 35" MTR's get 12K miles on the street before needing replaced, on a TJ that doesn't wheel. I think they're only rated for 20K miles, so it's tough to get your moneys worth if they touch the street, okay for a trailer queen.

    I've always thought these tires have been over rated and WAY over priced. They hit the market at just the right time, when everybody was hungry for a new MT tire. The price has been high ever since, and now everybody is paying it because it seems to be more of a status thing. I'll stick with my Swamper Radials, $115 each at 31".

    Don't own any, just my observations from seeing them on the trail.[addsig]

  5. Bounty Hunter. Thanks for your great feedback on the MTR's. Ya, they quoted me at $189 a tire, which seemed extremely expensive.

    How many miles do you have on your Radial Swampers? [addsig]

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    How come everybody keeps talking about the rubicon having MTR's??? i thought for sure that it came with BFG Mud-Terrain KM's...... Im i just totally stupid or what?


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    How many miles do you get out of the swamper radials?[addsig]

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    I am thinking about converting over to tracks and forget the tire thing all together. Tug[addsig]

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    Ya, they all come with 31" Goodyear MTR's on 16" wheels.

    I don't know how many miles are on my Swamper Radials, as I only use them for the trail. I have a 2nd set of tires I run on the street, saves the expensive tires for the fun They do have plenty of rock cuts, though, and have held up through terrain that has punctured the sidewalls of numerous other brands of MT's.

    Much easier to swap out now that I have an air compressor to run an impact wrench :-D [addsig]

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    ooo you lucky man[addsig]
    Summit County, Colorado - 96 XJ - Magnaflow exhaust, K & N filtercharger, H4 conversion, MT/R's on 767's, safari rack, hot blonde and an Australian Shepherd riding shotgun

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    my buddy runs 33s on a dodge and drives and hour back and forth every day and has had them for a year [addsig]
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