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    Front Air Vents disabled

    I've noticed that my front/dash airvents are not blowing any air out even when it's on full blast. When you switch to "foot" or "windshield defrost," air comes out just fine but not when it's on "front" direction. Not sure sure how to fix it or dismantle my dash but any ideas about what's going on with it? Thanks fellas!

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    Re: Front Air Vents disabled

    not sure on the fix, my heater control switch is bad, new one on the way. as for dismantling, simple,pop out the vent next to the winshield,should be four clips,just pry gently,next remove 2screws under it,then remove 1 screw behind ash tray. then pull gently from topand bottom, should be 2 side clips. that will get you to the control area. good luck.happy wheeling

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    Re: Front Air Vents disabled

    Check the vacuum lines that feeds the actuator. They normally leak at the reservoir or around the battery area where it goes into the firewall next to the evaporator tubes.
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