I have had my TJ in storage for a while.
Saved some money and "time" I'm ready now

My 2.5 banger is not running so I bought an 2005 Rubicon 4.0 L.
I also bought an new overhauled manual transmission NV35xx something.

But I have now been to much in the states and has been som lazy ?

So I want to upgrade to automatic instead, unless someone says I'm crazy.

My question here is:

1. Which automatic transmission to get ?
2. Where to buy ?
3. Any murphys, and steps easyily to do mistakes on ?
4. Which parts in total will I need ?
5. Other reccomended upgrades to do in same session ?
6. Any other upgrades mandatory to do ?

All help is valuable !

Thanks, and sorry for bad spelling!

Best regards