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    Ok so i have recently came across a jeep for sale.. the guys wants 1600 bucks for this 76 cj5. it runs and has a good transmission in it.. the top is shot so is the paint, and it is rusty.... for a project is this a deal? or is it to much to spend on a 76? i personally love it. but i dont wanta get ripped off. doesnt say how many miles..

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  2. I'd say it's a pretty good deal. But does it run and drive, does the 4wd work and is the floor solid.... If all are good I'd say jump on it.... Parts are resonable and abundant! I have 56 cj5. I pick up for 100 bucks. But there really want much left so oim pretty much buliding a brand new rig from the ground up

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    Re: 1976 cj5

    Sounds like the going rate for a Jeep in that kinda shape around here.

  4. What engine does it have?

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    it does run and drive, 4wd works. i think it has a straight 6 in it. floor boards are rusted out. but im a welder so thats not a problem...

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    Re: 1976 cj5

    Check the frame! If the frame is solid it sounds like a pretty good deal...if the frame is rotten it might be time to walk away. You're a welder so you'll know if it's too far gone to fix and what it'll take if it can be patched. Good luck & let us know how it goes.
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    i recently went to look at it.. its a little worse than i thought... probally gonna need a lot of tlc... the frame was good. and so was the body.. it ran well and drove good.. it sputters a little tho. and idols rough.. i could hear an exhaust leak so i wonder if that was making it do that. (the same thing happened to my yj) but other than that. it just needs a little work.. and time and money :-/

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