1. CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    just curious.. but everytime i see someone driving a CJ2A or willys MB/ford GPW... it appears like theyre driving a golf cart, with their knees close to the steering wheel.. but it looks more like driving a car when theyre in a CJ5.. i dont have any old MBs or CJ2As to check out personally... so i was wondering, is this some kind of illusion brought on by the low back seat, seat height, or body shape?.. or is the CJ2A really THAT much smaller than a cJ5?... which is only, i guess 8 inches longer?

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    its that much smaller heres my 3b

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    thats not a CJ.. thats a golf cart...

    but still, roughly the same width, only 7 inches more overall length, 1 inch longer wheelbase.. the numbers would suggest the MB/GPW/CJ2A and the CJ5 are roughly the same size.. but to the eye, it really doesnt seem so close at all

    i know the top of the hood is generally shorter.. so that may aid in it appearing so small.. i think theyre so beautiful in their rather utilitarian appeal, but not having been around them much... im not sure how comfortable the fit would be for me... anything smaller than a jeep cherokee i cant comfortably drive

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    this guy made a cool trailer for his old school jeep. the trailer is on craigslist right now because he sold the jeep
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    so for those with MB/GPW/CJ2A jeeps.. what would you compare it to?.. is it more cramped, or about as fitting as for example, a cherokee?

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    animus what years of CJ5 are you referring to? There were a few changes made o the CJ5 over the years and the later the model the farther from the CJ2a they became. The early CJ5 54-71 had a wb 1" longer than the CJ2a, but in 72 the hood and fenders were stretched 5" and the wb an additional 3", in 82 the C5 got wide track axles. So this may account for he visual differences you notice.

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    Re: CJ2A vs CJ5 size?

    yeah.. probably.. it seems like a late CJ5 was really just an early CJ7.. and a later CJ7 was just an early wrangler from what i gather.. seems they all blend together from one model to the next without any distinct steps.. im thinking of getting a CJ5, or something like a WWII jeep.. but its hard for me to decide without being able to see any in person... i really like the style of the WWII models, but they seem like theyre little more than a polaris ranger in actual size.. the 40mph safe top speed doesnt bother me so much, im just questioning how well i would comfortably fit in one.. sure, im only 6'0 which isnt that tall.. but its certainly mroe than the average WWII soldier was, and anything smaller than a cherokee is too cramped for me
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