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    Anybody know a good jeep guy or gal in jersey?[addsig]

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    well what are you lookin for? a mechanic? parts? I'm in central Jersey on the shore... I've only had my YJ for about 4 months, havn't found a mechanic that specializes in jeeps but I did get some work done at my usual guy in South Amboy, called Guaranteed Engines... Also a Jeep Salvage yard in Rahway exit 131... or maybe your just lookin for a date? kidding... welcome to the board. Let me know if you need any numbers from those places.[addsig]
    91 YJ 4.0 5spd
    SOA + 1.5" reverse eye RE springs
    D44 LS Rear & ZJ Disks
    4.56 gears
    36"x14.5" Parnelli Jones'
    Jks discos
    Warn XD9000i
    Banks SS exhaust
    High Steer!
    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    I'm from North Jersey I've been looking too for a good place. I get my stuff from Mothers on Route 46 east in Lodi. It is a store but most of the stuff has to be ordered. They have big catalog that you have to pay 5.00 bucks for. Also I've been down to the jeep salvage yard that joopin was talking about I think it is called American auto salvage in Rahway. If you do a search they do have a website and directions. It is good for used parts.[addsig]

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    I have been having some engine problems///leakage, so i was looking for
    a mechanic or some one with a jeep around the same year as mine so i could check their set up out[addsig]

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    what you leakin'? oil? rear main seal? what weight oil are you running? lots of people on here have been through this... you can always tap the resources here before spending money![addsig]

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    Yup Oil LEAK(s) maybe the rear main, not sure yet

    10w-30, sometimes 40

    I have been using the board, and buying parts myself. . .

    I am going to try and swap most of the engine hoses

    i have replaced a bunch already, some just disintegrated when touched
    (dry rot). . .

    if that does not work, charitable donation[addsig]

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    next time you change your oil, use 20w-50. 10w-30 is thin like water and will rush right by those worn out seals. with the 20w50, i'd suggest NOT driving the jeep too hard until it reaches proper temperature (like, keep it blow 3k RPMS)

    that's what i did. i went from leaking 3 quarts every 2 weeks, down to 1. good improvement. [addsig]

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    20w-50 Sounds good, i am dumping about 4-6 quarts a week, so anything
    should be an improvement [addsig]

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    lol wow... that's a LOT of oil... check your PCV valve (if its clogged it'll make the oil pressure higher and force the oil out the seals rather than the valve), and your oil filter and all the gaskets around it, and the drain plug (duh, but check anyways), and the valve cover gasket.

    last resort (and worst case scenario) is the rear main. 500 bucks is usually about what a shop wants to replace them... might be worth it over time (500 bucks one shot, or dumping 4 quarts of oil in per week ($5 for oil x 4 weeks per month x 12 months = $250 per year).

    how many miles do you drive per week?


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    Yeah NO S$%#^ that is a lot of oil.

    I replaced the PCV valve last sat and replaced some hose that
    was completely clogged with oil resin. I think the rest of the hose
    remains clogged though (the hose that runs to the PCV valve)

    So, for about a day the leaks were contained for short trips, but when
    i made the long haul to work yesterday (30 miles one way), another leak appeared
    under the air cleaner. . . oily steam. . .

    so i left it at home today, i am going to fiddle with the hoses some more


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    haha... that hose is a b!tch to clean out... here's how i did it:

    i used engine degreaser, sprayed it down the tube, then followed it up with 120 psi from the bicycle pump. it finally gave through and now it actually lets things through!


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    i think i am just going to replace it all the way to the T

    Hey, do you know where the hose from the grommet goes?

    (which controls flow through other end of valve cover)[addsig]

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    I have an 88 Yj and for awhile I kept having oil pool up by the in pockets just below the valve cover and just above the exhaust manifold and it would smoke when it hit the exhaust. I was sure it was coming from the valve cover gasket. I replaced the gasket and it was still leaking. The I looked real close at the cover and noticed that the oil was actually coming from the oil filler cap. It was always loose and wouldn't snug down tight. I bought a new filler cap 3.95 from and it fit tight no more oil. This could help but if your loosing that much oil you probably have bigger problems. [addsig]

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    I would go out and buy all new vacuum and pcv tubes it is cheap enough. Which grommet are you talking about. The front grommet and the valve cover usually goes to your carb and tees off to the evap can. The rear grommet just needs filtered air usually has a tube going to the air cleaner. I eliminated the tubes buy just buying a external breather that pops right into the rear grommet.[addsig]

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    WOW, that sounds the same as where some of the oil is leaking in
    my jeep, and the cap is definately loose! I will try that.

    I know that oil is leaking from elsewhere too but it is all over
    the front too


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    Jay, I am talking about the rear grommet (closest to fire wall). . . the hose goes to the
    air cleaner? What is an external breather? [addsig]

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    All it is a little filter enclosed in metal. I have one made out of crome it is like a separate air filter for your air cleaner. I got mine at autozone in Clifton. If you have an email I could send you a picture of it.[addsig]

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    I sent you an e-mail with pics. I don't know where you live but I had a guy install a new 4.2 in my jeep and rebuild my carter carb less then a couple of months ago. He was pretty good and seemed to know about jeeps. He told me he rebuilt the carb but it would be better to replace it. So I replaced it myself with a weber. His name is Mark and the shop is called GAMS Auto, Huron ave , Clifton, NJ. He pretty fast too it only took him 3 days to put in a new engine. :-D

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    i'm interested in these pictures... if you get a chance... i'll host them and post them in this thread too...[addsig]

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    I just re sent them at 5:30 eastern time. Did you not get the e-mail or just the pics? I sent them as an attachment >[addsig]

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