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    Broken Bolts

    Ok, I have been breaking down my rig for a couple weeks now and I finally got ready to pull the seat belts. I had sprayed the bolts very well with break free before I got started and would you believe the bolts on the floor still broke off:) I've got them drilled out but I need to re-tap the holes. I cant really go any bigger on the hole, so what's the trick to doing this right? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Broken Bolts

    drill larger and put a nut on the bottom?
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    Re: Broken Bolts

    I'd probably do what Jason suggests. You could weld the nut to the bottom, so that installing and removing them would be easier.
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    Weld the hole shut,that is fill it completely with weld,grind it smooth and redrill and tap your hole.

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    Thanks for the advice! My problem is the bolt goes into the sidewall area and not the floor so there is no way to get to the back to put a nut on there, unless I pull the quarter panel off! I guess I'll have to try filling the hole and starting over.

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    Re: Broken Bolts

    You can use a helicoil if there's enough metal to drill the hole larger and tap it for the helicoil insert.

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    Re: Broken Bolts

    Go to a different thread, you may find something close in either metric or standard that's coarse or fine thread that you can drill and tap it that will be close to what you had.

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    I think I'll actually try the thread change first. I'm just apprehensive because I'm afraid the bolt would pull out under force. Oh well, guess if the thread change doesn't work I can go back to the other plan and fill it, then start over. Thanks guys!

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