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    Has anyone purchased a rebuilt AX5 5-speed and had good luck with it? If so where was it & how much? It looks like $600-700 is the going price with warranty.[addsig]

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    hey, speakin of rebuilt ax-5s 1bigmf hasnt been on here in a while.....[addsig]
    82 CJ5 that dont run.... and is no more.... 94 Z71

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    He has been rather gone! Oh well tug[addsig]

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    I'll sell you mine if you don't mind not having a 5th gear hehe.[addsig]

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    hey, speakin of rebuilt ax-5s 1bigmf hasnt been on here in a while.....
    Hahahahahahahehehehehe, I almost forgot about him and the AX5. What a deal

    You can often find used AX5 trannies from those swapping the entire drivetrain, check Jeeps Unlimited as they come up there often in the 'For Sale' forum. Also search Ebay for AX5, there is a shop in Pheonix that always has them for the price.

    I put a used one in mine, picked it up for $125. Just 30 min. ago I finished putting an AX5 in a friends jeep, he picked the transmission up for $275, under 70K out of a TJ.

    You can use any AX5 from '87 and newer, you just may need to install your bellhousing and front cover depending on the clutch slave type.

    Be sure to use the right fluid, either Redline MT90 or GM Synchromesh. The factory recommended GL5 gear oil is too slick and eats synchros like candy :-O [addsig]

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    Had you asked this question a month ago I would've givin you one, I sent it to the bone yard. [addsig]
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