1. Some kinda vib at 60mph

    i have a 97 TJ with a 4 in lift and i have this vib at 60 mph it feels like the motor or even trans but any speed up to 60 is fine and after 60 is fine. anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Some kinda vib at 60mph

    if its only at one speed id start by having the tires balanced, and then an alignment check and check the U-joints in your drivelines, and check your wheel bearing (wheel bearings, tie rods, pitman arm, idler arm, gear box etc should be checked by the mechanic doing alignment, but half are clueless so check em yourself) is there any noise assoiciated with the vibration?

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    Re: Some kinda vib at 60mph

    Or it could be the drive shaft out of balance.
    My Jeep has a 5th gear??

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    Re: Some kinda vib at 60mph

    thats a good possibility too!!
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