1. YJ/TJ recommended mileage

    Hey all,
    I'm going off to college next fall and am getting a YJ or TJ for my second car after driving a beater for two years and wanted to know what the maximum recommended mileage would be for a YJ/TJ.
    I won't be driving very much at all but reliability is still important since I'm not going to be rich either. I also have absolutely no interest in modifications.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: YJ/TJ recommended mileage

    The 2.5 and the 4.0 are great engines either the YJ or the TJ. I think either one you pick will be fine. If you like AC i'd get a TJ. Its harder to find a YJ with AC.

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    Re: YJ/TJ recommended mileage

    FYI......We have 2 Jeeps - both 4bangers. I have an '03 TJ (2.4L) with 159,000 miles and the wife has a '94 YJ (2.5L) with 165,000 miles. Both still running strong and I'd take either one anywhere. Just shop wisely and do your regular maintenance......very, very reliable vehicles if taken care of, IMHO.
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    Re: YJ/TJ recommended mileage

    i have owned 4.0 jeeps with over 200k many times. my wife's previous jeep, a 93 wrangler had just under 200k when i sold it. i would take the 2.5 or 4.0 with any mileage as long as it checked out ok upon inspection. since i prefer an auto in a jeep, i like the 6 cylinders. and i have not found a 6 cylinder yj without ac so i guess it depends on where you live as to whether it will be an option. my 87 and the wife's 93 both came with ac but when it came time to choose which one to keep, i kept the one with cruise control, the 87.

    they both get the same mileage, in my experience, though. its just your preference on which motor you like after test driving. all the wranglers we have ever owned are not modified either.
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    252000 still going strong.

  6. I have a 93 YJ with a |-6 and it's around 210k... (odometer doesn't work.)

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    Re: YJ/TJ recommended mileage

    Thank you everyone so much!

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