1. Freeze Plug Leaks??

    I have a 76 CJ7. Just yesterday while it was running i had a huge gush of coolant come out but i could not tell form where, by the time i lifted the hood it had drained and i couldn't see, after refilling the coolant it has yet to gush out again. but now i see a small drip from around the back freeze plug dripping on to the starter. Any one have any ideas on what could be happening.

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    Re: Freeze Plug Leaks??

    Freeze plugs can corrode when vehicles get old. Vehicles like 35 year old Jeeps.
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    Re: Freeze Plug Leaks??

    if you have good access to the freeze plug you could drill a small hole in it to be able to screw in a small slid hammer to remove it than clean up the port you can use either one of those rubber expandable plugs or a stock metal one that you would need to tap in with a light plastic mallet

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