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    Used parts-Junk yards

    Is there any junk yards or places that are good to find used parts in the Detroit Michigan area...I live just across the boarder and used parts are hard to find..the few junk yards we have here any jeeps that come in get picked apart and left like carcasses pretty quickly..plus they are few and far between. I have no problems crossing the boarder to get parts.

    I need fenders....mine look like swiss cheese....dang salt on the roads during winter. I have come across a few places down south that are awesome...but nothing this far north.

    I am hoping some of you may know, otherwise I am stuck e-baying it and having it shipped to a friends house and picked up, I would rather see and handle the part before I buy it.


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    Re: Used parts-Junk yards

    Check out Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market and enter the city or region in your parts search. It will search junkyards in that region giving you an idea of what junkyards are around.

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    Re: Used parts-Junk yards

    I use car-part.com too. And if the part i want costs too much to ship, At least i know what the part should cost if i can find it locally. junked Wrangler are hard to find around here too.

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