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    Need a New Tire Carrier

    I was installing my new top, swung out the tire carrier, and then the hinge broke. I don't know if its from having a 35 tire mounted on it or just old.

    I'm just wondering if any of y'all have suggestions on brand and if there's heavier duty ones to buy. Its on a '99 Wrangler TJ.

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    Re: Need a New Tire Carrier

    The rule of thumb is that a 33 is the limit for a tailgate mounted tire carrier, and even then you'll have to do work on the spacers to keep the tire tight. It's alittle late for you, but you can see what I did here:
    http://www.jeepz.com/forum/accessori...ump-stops.html (Extended Wrangler Spare Tire Bump Stops)
    I've got a 33 on my tailgate, and it's putting too much stress on the hinges - I can hear it wiggling on the highway.

    As to your problem, you'll want to buy a tire carrier. This is normally a new rear bumper with it's own swing away tire carrier built in. I'm a fan of Ground Pounder myself because it's a local business, and the owner Eddie is a nice guy. You can send him a pm for a quote (his name is BESRK on this message board).

    Here are some examples of a tire carrier:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Need a New Tire Carrier-dsc01381c.jpg  

    Need a New Tire Carrier-img_0495.jpg  

    Need a New Tire Carrier-p1010068.jpg  

    Need a New Tire Carrier-screenhunter_013.jpg  

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