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    Hello everyone. I have a crazy idea to make my cj half yj and half (duh) cj. I want to put a wrangler tub on my jeep. Now, I have heard alot of different things from people, such as conversion kits, etc. How much work does it really involve, and what am I looking at doing? Please help me. I would appreciate it very much if everyone who knows of this topic email me. Thanks alot,

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    I'm in the process of doing this right now.

    You'll find that 4 body mounts don't line up, the two in front of the rear tires, and the two on the rear bumper. the two on the bumper can be enlarged with a grinder to work, but the two in front of the tire need to be moved (or ignored).

    A YJ gas filler is on the driver side, and the CJ is on the passenger. You either need to swap tanks, or move the filler to the other side (cut the body).

    The CJ defroster is outside of the windshield, while the YJ is built into it. I'd just use a YJ windshield.

    The tailgates are different, but don't need to be changed unless you don't like the look.

    I think that's it.

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