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    Im a fairly new TJ owner and have a factory hard top. Well summer is almost here and want to buy a soft top. The Sunrider tops or flip tops look pretty cool. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with this type of set up. Or can any onr suggest a manufacturer. Thanks for any input.[addsig]

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    check out what bestop has to offer..


    my junk waiting for Hi-Steer + rear driveshaft

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    one of our colleagues wrote-in about the sunrider and some adjustment complications. wasn't too long ago, maybe two weeks or so.

    i bought the sailcloth bestop and love it. very well made and good to look at as well. thought about the sunrider, but was concerned about the front half leaking.

    also i thought the thicker fabric was more important.

    how do you like that hard top? i want to get one of those for the winter. are they worth it?[addsig]

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    Hey I have a brand new soft never been used all hardware included still in box. Fits 97-03 wrangler. It is Black in color. $450 in you are responsible for shipping costs. This soft top is from my 1 year old jeep. Thanks AJ
    You can email me if you're interested ajfrank69er@aol.com

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    I have the Sunrider on my 93 YJ. The Sunrider is made by Bestop. Haven't had any major problems with my top and I love being able to fold back just the front half for a sunroof. The top doesn't leak anywhere and is very quiet compared to the stock top the jeep came with. The only problem I've had with the top is getting the rear corners to fit tight enough so that I can take out the windows and drive without the corners pulling out in the wind. Mabye I just got an odd top or there's something wrong with my jeep, but I've seen other jeeps around here with the same top and theirs seem to fit tight. I think I might have stretched the top too much when I first installed it without the windshield frame being set to the right position. Another good thing about the Sunrider is that you can order tinted windows for it.[addsig]

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    Hey thanks for info.
    As far as the hard top goes I would rcomend it if you live in the north, a big plus for the winter time. If your going to be switching back and forth between tops I would recomend a "hoist a top" set up. I just got one and it worked real good. :-D :-D [addsig]

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    You can also check Californiatops.com

    Enjoy your new toy![addsig]

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