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    cj7 tail light problems

    got a bunch of weird stuff happening with my tail lights, my right passenger tail light went out first, i went to change it out and it looked good but i replaced it anyway and still wouldnt work so i tried to track down the issue going all the way to the driver side light. found a wire that had been split by a rock or whatever put the wire back together and still got nothing. now both tail lights wont work if i turn on a blinker the light stays lit.....my ground seems to look good, all wires seem to be connected correctly....not really sure where to look next....any thoughts?

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    Whenever you are having weird electrical problems, it's most likely caused by a poor ground.

  3. When the directionals are on do the front flash? I would say check your fuses but you probably did that. Could be a bad ground (as stated above), bad or melted switch, or your wiring from drivers tail light to the switch. What I would do is start at the switch and work my way back.

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    Re: cj7 tail light problems

    Had the same issue years back.. What I did was take out the bulbs and look inside the socket. You will probably see some blue chaulky looking stuff in there. Clean it!! Use electrical cleaner or get a new socket for it. Then under the rear corners of the jeep where your tail light wiring is, the harness is either spiced or a plug is used to connect the tail lights, do the same with it and clean it. Good chance that will fix it.

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    I think I would check into the blinker directional switch. {turn signal lever on the column} Does that feel loose or have any play in it at all? Had a problem with my yj that the drivers side brake light wasnt working,noticed the turn signal switch was a little loose,and that turned out to be the problem.

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