1. Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket

    Hi, I'm jon and this is my first post here. I have been browsing as a guest for a few months and have learned quite a lot about my jeep. I purchased my 2006 rubicon in november of 2011 and find myself surprised at how excited I am to leave work every day so that I can jump into my jeep and drive around.

    I've been getting a very noticeable popping sound from the rear of my jeep when turning and have narrowed it down to this bracket sliding back and forth. Now the bracket has a wide slot for the original bolt and I was curious if this is intended or if its just worn due to not being tight enough. Also when I started tightening it it appeared to be bending the bracket. So I included some pics and was wanting to know if just cranking it down more is an option or if it just needs to be replaced.

    Thanks for your time.

    Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket-2012-06-14_15-43-07_259.jpgJeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket-2012-06-14_15-43-17_478.jpg

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    Looks like its missing the sleeve that is supposed to be on the bigger bolt

    See the pics on jks site

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    Re: Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket

    Ah, just noticed something I didn't see before. It appears that the top horizontal piece of steel in the second picture is buckled. I bet the sleeve you mentioned would have prevented that. I'll make one and try to flatten out that bent bit. A little heat should do the trick.

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    Re: Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket

    I'd add the sleeve to prevent the bracket from crushing further, and weld a washer over the slotted hole to remove the slop.

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    Re: Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket

    I think you've got the Rough Country rear trackbar bracket - just like I had. Here's what it should look like:

    Jeep TJ Rear Trackbar Bracket-5898d1285101795-jeep-tj-rear-trackbar-bracket-install-14-rear-bracket-jeep.jpg

    The bracket worked OK for a while, but I could never keep the bolts tight (even with locktite). I eventually went with the Rough Country adjustable rear trackbar. With our Jeepz.com discount is was only around $100 - Well made and worth the money.
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    Looks like its missing the sleeve.

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