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    T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    What can cause a T18 transmission to jump out of 4th gear?
    The transmission is out of a 1979 CJ7 and has the 6.32 1st gear.
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    Re: T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    I had a t150 3spd years back that did that too. I cant remember what it was as I did not fix it. Someone on here WILL tell you shortly though im sure. Lots of informed people on the site.

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    Re: T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    I'm no transmission man but I have rebuilt a couple. I'd say syncros are bad, but I'd also say the pilot bushing is too. A worn pilot bushing will let the input shaft wobble and if the syncros are border line worn let it pop out. Like I said, I've just worked on a couple. I'm sure someone here can help or give more insight than me.
    I know since I rebuilt my T176 it hasn't popped out of 3rd and it used to pretty often. The syncro's were really bad and it had a T-150 pilot bushing in it which was way too big for the 4speed and didn't give any shaft support. The T-18 shouldn't be too big a chore to put syncros in, just watch how it comes appart and lay it out piece by piece. Invest in some GOOD snap ring and retaining ring plyers. I got my rebuild kit from a place in Knoxville called, What Ever It Takes. They were cheaper by far than any place I found online or off. The kit was quality stuff, good bearings and seals. Good luck with it

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    Re: T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    Got Torque Stud? (aka: transmission stabilizer stud) It also could be the clutch alignment, bad motor mounts, and a host of other things but I would start with the stud and mounts. I had a T150 pop out of third after a professional rebuild but didnt have a torque stud.

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    Re: T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    The torque stud and all of the mounts you mention have been replaced, just did a complete frame out restore. Had purchase the transmission with a parts jeep and it was suppose to be good......
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    Re: T18 Transmission jumps out of 4th gear

    Sounds like 2-3 syncro. The T18 is technically a 3 speed trans, so what was ID as 4th is really 3rd, low gear is not considered a driving gear.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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