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    Posting this for someone else:

    I have a 2.5L comanche - 1986 with the typical oil blow-by into the air box. What is the right way to fix this? It doesn't seem that rotten hoses would suddenly suck oil into the airbox?? What's the fix? Thanks.

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    HEY-Blowby is cause by excessive wear in the cumbustion chamber. i know you dont want to hear this, but you need a ring job. Possibly to rebore the motor new pistons and rings. or find a nice 4.0L drivetrain.

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    For your information:
    I had a similar problem with my YJ258 that might help. There are two large hoses on the valve cover, the rear one is from the cover to the air cleaner/box and the front one is from the cover to intake vacuum, with a pcv valve installed at the cover. My problem was a lot of oil was ending up in the air cleaner/box. The solution was the valve cover/pcv/vacuum hose had a small orifice inside the middle of the hose(that I couldn't see until I removed the hose) which was plugged and eliminating vacuum to unequal the pressure inside the valve cover which caused oil to blow through the rear hose into the air cleaner/box.I sprayed carb cleaner through the cleaner/pcv/vacuum hose and has NO MORE OIL! INSTANTLY! P.S. I was told I needed valve jobs to a complete engine. Sorry, all it was was !1.99 can of gumout.A year to find and a minute to fix, and that was about 60,000 miles ago!

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    I had a similar problem with both of the comanche pickup's I had. They both had the 4.0 Liter motor in them. I replaced the hoses mentioned above with some a little bit larger in diameter. It helped a lot but the problem really completely went away. My opinion is....either clean those hoses real good or replace them and drive the hell out of it. I treated my first Jeep truck as bad as you can possibly treat a truck and it still ran good the day I sold it and it had 185,000 miles on it. Toughest damn truck I ever seen.

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