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  1. Disc breaks

    How can I cheaply convert my rear drum breaks to disc on my 86 Dana 44

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    Re: Disc breaks

    Never used them myself, but I've seen them recommended elsewhere:
    CJ-7 '86-'87 Dana 44

    I think the general consensus around here is that properly maintained and adjusted drums will work as well as disc brakes though. I'd see if you can't give your existing drums a little work.
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    I had mine converted several years ago and it took a long time to dial them in. First off they couldn't get enough stopping force back to the rear discs. Tried several different boosters. Then couldn't get the proportioning from front to rear correct. It worked ok but not to my liking. My last upgrade on the system was a full hydraulic system with no vacuum booster. After much trial and error I love it. I still want a dash mounted variable proportion valve cuz if I have to back down a steep hill the front gets light and the front wheels skid then you loose steering. A dash mount proportioning valve would allow you to apply more braking force on the rear and still be able to steer. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, just explaining what I feel a good system requires.

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    Re: Disc breaks

    I'd lose the OEM proportioning valve, run the front brake line straight to the front brakes, then run an adjustable proportioning valve inline to the rear brakes.

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