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    I was wondering if any of you all had any experience with the Soundwedge speaker boxes with 120 watt Jensen speakers for CJ-7. I found a pair of them on quadratec. I don't wanna drop too much on speakers since I drive a jeep with no locks, but I wanna put a little something more in.

    Any tips, advice, reviews? Are they worth the $? Thanks[addsig]

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    I do not have experence with the speaker boxes that you are speaking of. Have seen em. I have looked into the NEAR outdoor speakers. (New England Audio Research) Man you want to see some bullet proof great sounding take and a deal with it Jeep speaker look into these. These are designed to be used in any weather from far below zero to hotter than well you get the pic. They even play under water. Used by Disney and Sea World and other big name out door parks for good quality sound at the extreams. The color of the better ones even comes in plastic army man green. I do not put a lot of value into name brand but these are so good I will have a pair for my jeep. In the show room they throw sound like a big home system and will handle a bunch of power. Being toppless rain and mud will not bother em. Price is the only enemy to these speakers. They look like crap so most theifs would never give em a second look. But sound like a dream. Wow did I say all that about speakers. I did miss the Boards here at Jeepz. Tug 8-) [addsig]

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