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    I have an 1985 CJ7 with a 258 six cylinder. I have an oil leak on the distributor shaft where it enters the block. I have replaced the gasket around the shaft, but it is still leaking. Does anyone have a fix for this? I was planning on coating it with RTV silicone in hopes that the leak would stop. I'm open to suggestions. thanks. impact5988@hotmail.com

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    Put RTV ONLY on the block side.... that way you can still turn the distributor to set the timing and not disturb the RTV.
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    you might have a more serious problem. crank case presure might be building up, check your pcv valve to make sure it's working.

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    What you might look at is your pressure relief valve thats located in the oil filter asssembly the oil filter screws into if is stuck you can eoither get too much or too little pressure..


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    The PCV valve is good, I checked that first. I will check the pressure relief valve. thanks for the help.

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    I just put an HEI distributor on my '86 258 and am having the same problem. Somewhere I heard that if you RTV two distributor gaskets together it will help. I have to try it still just haven't gotten around to it. Good luck

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