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    JK trunk rattling noise, can it be fixed?

    My cousin is the proud owner of a 2012 jeep wrangler sahara unlimited. Every time he drives over any kind of bump in the road a loud rattling noise comes from the back of his JK. We think the sound seems to be coming from the trunk door hinges. Now he does have a 35" tire mounted on the back which probably does not help the situation, but I have herd plenty of people say they here the same noise with a stock tire on the door.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to fix the problem?

    If he decides to get a door mounted tire carrier will that stop the rattling?

    Last but not least, if he brings the Jeep back to the dealer will they do anything to fix the problem?


  2. My TJ did the same thing. I'd suggest either taking off the spare tire, or getting an after market bumper with the spare tire swing arm.

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    Verify the noise is the tire by removing the spare. Many times the rim with he correct back spacing for the tire size does not rest on the bump stop like it was designed. Left like that the carrier will crack.
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    Re: JK trunk rattling noise, can it be fixed?

    Thats a good idea! It should definitely help me verify the source of the noise.

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