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    1974 Points Ignition to 1985 Electronic Ignition - Help

    My son and I swapped out the old tired points driven AMC 304 & Installed a AMC 360 with electronic ignition.

    Our plan is to hook up the wires (we marked locations etc) and then see what we need to do to incorporate the ECM Dist into the system-tap the ECM into the '74's system.

    Anyone have an idea or a diagram whereas we can tap in the distributor to the Jeeps system so we can run this thing.


    Here is the build/swap - Jr's '74 CJ5 (304v, Another Project Soon To Start.

    '48 CJ2a 171231; '65 CJ5 Navy; '74 CJ5; '80 CJ7; '84 CJ8; '86 CJ7

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    The electronic ignition module (red) positive feeds on the ignition power and the black to ground. The other plug goes to the distributor.
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